Top Quality Mobile First solutions to fit your needs. We get you to the next level in achieving your goals using emerging technology. Shokworks, Inc. is worldwide with clients in all industries from Entertainment to Energy. Whether it’s customer engagement, internal operations or platform integration we will provide a comprehensive solution from start to finish.

Our Mobile Solutions

We combine our experience with your business to create attractive applications that both you and your costumers will love


We will work diligently with you and your team to figure out your needs and create a plan that works best for you. No two businesses are the same, there are no generic products here, we research your industry and your position to create your ideal technology solution.


Our experienced design team is the heart of Shokworks, Inc. We bring together research and innovation to develop an experience perfect for your target audience.


We create app solutions across all platforms, mobile and web that are accessible, engaging and scalable. Your business will be involved throughout the entire process with demos and live calls you will never be alone. We do extensive testing and use SCRUM methodology to ensure a secure and scalable solution.

Custom Apps

Designing, creating and launching scalable, engaging and secure apps is what we do. Across industries and platforms we take your business to the next level with a mobile first solution.



There is not limit to where app solutions can be implemented and our job is to find the solution that suits you. We have experience in E-Commerce, Sports, Entertainment, Education and more. See our portfolio for a more extensive look at the industries we serve.

Our Partners - Clients

SCRUM Methodology

SCRUM is how we work, it is a methodology in software development where the process is broken down and the workflow is timed meticulously with updates called daily scrums. Each unit of development (called a sprint) lasts no longer than one month and at the end of the unit we re-plan ensuring no time is wasted and you are continuously informed.


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