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We make your product Enterprise-ready and your business Investment-grade.



Shokworks operates through the vantage point of your company’s ROI.

We’re a specialized product firm that offers business consultancy, and nearshore delivery resources.

Product Development

We have world class teams of engineers that have excelled in building ROI-driven products & solutions in Fintech, Blockchain, Web3.0, AI & Mixed Reality.

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UX/UI Design

Data-driven and research-based methodology to help craft world class user interfaces that demonstrably increase ROI.

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Business Consulting

You need enterprise-grade solutions to elevate your business.
We analyze and strategize with management teams to make sure that your business always comes before the tech.

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Dynamic Staff Augmentation

We recruit the top 1% engineering talent in the Americas who excel in software design and development.

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Case Studies

Shokworks has generated over $1 Billion in cost savings, revenue, and direct investment for our clients and partners in under 5 years.

  • 750mm+ in revenue generated in 15 months.
  • 3rd largest bitcoin mining company per hash rate in the world.
  • Publicly endorsed by Jack Dorsey.
  • World's first fully allocated, fully redeemable, gold backed stablecoin.
  • Acquired over 150K users to date.
  • Generates over $406M Avg. Monthly trade volume.
  • Holds over $200M AUM.
  • Generated 17x more engagement than twitter. 
  • Integrated directly with live television. 
  • Real time fan engagement on app and on live television.
  • First web 3.0 loyalty & rewards platform for live events.
  • Secured partnerships with P&G and Disney.
  • Onboarded artists like DJ Diesel, Chainsmokers and Claude Von Stroke.
  • Onboarded hundreds of thousands of live music fans.
  • Developed app for all of FC Barcelona's US Academies.
  • Generated over $10M ARR.
  • Enrolled over 100K students.
  • Onboarded over 2M users.
  • Won App of the Day during the FIFA 2018 World Cup.
  • Generated over $10M in revenue.
  • Raised +4.3M in funding.
  • Increased user growth by 24%.
  • Generated over $10M in collective portfolio AUM.
  • Developed a multi-patented Geospatial Computing OS. 
  • Partnerships signed with the NFL, Cisco, AEG and GSMA.
  • Generated $10M ARR in 2023.
  • Over 100K active users.
  • Over 2K paying subscribers.
  • $3.5M annual EBITDA.
  • 15% MoM growth.

Our Awards

Rising Entrepreneur of the Year and Investor of the Year Alejandro Laplana

2X APP of the day in Appstore Colombia

IHMRS Best new product in technology

Official member of the Forbes Tech Council


“Shokworks is pushing the envelope in terms of AI, web3, Fintech, and all sorts of emerging technologies that you read about or want to incorporate while future proofing your venture”

Paul Kirchoff


“We are really strong partners with the Shokworks team, in fact, they have helped us build our entire backend website and helped us achieve over $500 Million in sales”

Jameson Nunney


“It’s been amazing to deploy the MVP to market and to see the initial reactions we’ve gotten from all sorts of entertainment partners such as Imagine Festival”

Ketan Rahangdale


“They’ve been an incredible partner to us…on the product development side we’ve been able to save a ton of money, actually get to certain stages of the product and get to market faster”

John Pendrick


“They have been instrumental in both helping us think through the architectural solution and how to build and optimize product while implementing rapid and dynamic staff augmentation”

Zen Yi


“We found in Shokworks a partnership that will help us build according to our ambitions, and future-proof us to compete with big tech”

Fran Villalba Segarra


How We Operate

Meeting business objectives is more important to us than your technology stack.

Why? Most agencies have a major disconnect between the business and tech departments. We don’t. We are former Wall Street operators that generate tangible ROI for you in the products we help you develop.

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Find out if your product is enterprise-ready and your business investment-grade.

At Shokworks we prioritize your business objectives over technology. Product is a means to an end, not an end itself. Many can deliver product, few can deliver value.

Alejandro Laplana